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文化10 (1813)年版





Make-up Secrets: Women’s Fashions
Printed in 10th year of Bunka (1813)
Author: Sayama Hanshichimaru
Illustrator: Hayami Shungyōsai

This text, called Make-up Secrets: Women’s Fashions, should really be called an “Edo Period Beauty Magazine” because it includes make-up, hairstyles, kimono tips, and beauty tips. Printed in 10th year of Bunka (1813) it was written by Sayama Hanshichimaru and illustrated by Hayami Shungyōsai. As it was clearly written for women, even the binding is attractive. The light pink cover is embossed with small plovers and the binding string is violet.

Composed of three volumes and seven parts, the first part deals with “facial tips” and describes how to cultivate beautiful skin and hide blemishes. The second part, “hand and feet tips,” describes how to make hands and feet appear slim and supple. The third part, “hair tips,” deals with hair care, the fourth part, “makeup tips,” introduces various makeup techniques, the fifth part, “style tips,” describes how to create your own personal style by coordinating hair and makeup. The sixth part, “fashion tips” teaches how to create a stylish image using various kimono and the seventh section, “hygiene tips,” discusses personal grooming. Each of these sections would be found in a modern women’s magazine and each section is exceptionally detailed.

For example, one makeup technique described is “how to make a flat nose look taller.” First, use light colored foundation sparingly across the whole face, and especially sparingly along the sides of the nose, then fairly liberally on the bridge of the nose. By doing this, the bridge of the nose seems to float above the other parts of the face. By using darker colors to create shadow and lighter colors to create brightness, this creates the effect that the bridge of the nose seems to pop out from the rest of the face. The principle behind this technique is the same as effects still used by makeup artists today.

Many more techniques are introduced using pictures to illustrate the tips. For example, how to correct almond eyes or drooping eyes, how to fix a collar to make a short person seem taller, how to create skin whitening packs, how to massage feet to make them seem thinner, and more techniques are introduced. In the introduction to the book the author boasts, “No matter the face, if you follow these techniques you will be beautiful.” You can almost imagine Edo women scrutinizing these pages with intent faces.