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Iwase Bunko Library was established as a private library in Nishio city.
Yasuke Iwase, a wealthy merchant, used his own funds and opened IBL in 1908.
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Tale of the Bamboo Whisperer
Early Edo Period
Author: Unknown

Once upon a time, a priest of high rank who was head of the Bishamondō Temple fell in love at first sight with a beautiful girl while he was viewing cherry blossoms (sakura) and immediately plotted to make her his own.

One night, the priest snuck into her house where her parents were sleeping and using a hollow piece of bamboo whispered into their ears, “I am the god Bishamon! You must send your daughter to the head of my temple!” The title of this tale comes from the priest’s whispering through the bamboo tube. The parents, fervent believers, are fooled by the priest’s false oracle and convince their unwilling daughter to go to the temple.

The priest, smiling inwardly at how his plan is apparently working, realizes it is impossible to have her brazenly walk into the temple through the front gate. So, he sends two young monks to her house with a long box for storing kimono, etc. They place the girl inside and take her to Bishamondō temple as if she were a package.
The two young monks carrying the girl in the box on their shoulders head to Bishamondō temple, but halfway there they get tired and decide to take a break and also start to fall asleep.

Just at this moment, a young nobleman hawk hunting happens upon the box. Thinking to himself, “what is this strange box doing here?” He opens the box only to find a beautiful girl sorrowfully squished inside.

Telling the nobleman how this had led to that and everything that had happened, he pulls her from the box. But if he leaves the box empty, they will know immediately that the girl has escaped. So in her place, the young nobleman puts a calf inside the box.

Finally, the two young monks awake from their nap and, without realizing the girl has been switched with a calf, pick up the box again and return to Bishamondō temple. The priest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his prize, opens the box only to have a calf jump out, instead of his beloved girl. Thinking that the girl has been changed into a calf, he exhausts himself praying for her to return to her original shape. But there is no way that this calf is going to turn into a girl and simply runs around violently.

On the other hand, the girl who was saved by the young nobleman is taken into his house as a bride, bears him many children, and lives a long life of happiness.