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Iwase Bunko Library was established as a private library in Nishio city.
Yasuke Iwase, a wealthy merchant, used his own funds and opened IBL in 1908.
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民家日用 広益秘事大全


Compilation of Useful but Untaught Details for Daily Life
Published: The 4th year of Kaei (1851)
Writer: the master of Sanshokan

 This book called, “Helpful Living Journal” is a compilation of various knowledge from the people in the Edo era such as homemaking, medical care, gardening, the calendar, fortune-telling and useful points when building a house.
 It was published in the 4th year of Kaei (1851) by “the master of Sanshokan” who lived in Osaka. His background is unknown. According to the preface, “The seaside fishing village is convenient and the living is rich as well, but the mountain village is inconvenient and poor. There is no doctor and as people in the countryside are unknowledgeable, there are those who would deceive them. In order to help the locals, the master of Sanshokan directed his followers to collect various knowledge and publish it.”
 The above statements sound heavy, but upon reading, we find the book is a fun description of the various troubles and needs in the daily lives of the people of the time.
 For example: Medicine for heat rashes and frostbite, methods to stop bleeding, medicine for when a fishbone is stuck in one’s throat, medicine for hair re-growth, medicine to calm moodiness and belligerence when drunk, as well as others which still seem useful today.
 On the other hand, there are bits of knowledge which was particularly useful for people in the Edo era such as: Methods for making torches which will remain lit even in wind or rain, spells for quieting noisy frogs, spells to keep away tricksters like foxes and raccoon dogs when walking, methods to take care of people who have failed at hara-kiri.
 Here are some examples. The first is how to care when bitten by a cow or a horse. “First, quickly put ash into hot water. Soak the bitten part. If it is swollen, place a heated stone on it. Spreading sugar or the blood from the cockscomb of a chicken on the swelling is also effective.”
 Next, here is a method to avoid getting drunk no matter how much liquor someone drinks. “Thinly slice an expensive persimmon known as a Minogaki and place it on your navel while drinking. No matter how much you drink you will not get drunk.”
 So, do you think it will work?